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Operating a fitness facility comes with many challenges, including determining how to keep your assets safe from the many legal challenges that you may face. The following excerpts are from a report published by Club Industry Magazine.

  • “Clubs should document all maintenance of the equipment so that if a failure occurs, they are in a position to tender any claim to the manufacturer.” - Brian Heermance - Attorney, Morrison Mahoney LLP.
  • “Operators should train staff to report equipment that needs maintenance so that repairs are done quickly. If it is proven that equipment broke due to improper maintenance by the club operator, then 100% of the liability is the club’s” - James Mass - Attorney - Golden, Co.
  • “The most common claims that health clubs face involve physical injuries of a club member. Having a system in place to monitor for and prevent the most common issues may help a facility prevent as well as limit the liability of such claims.” - Rocco P. Matra, Cristina Lamarca, and Betsy Baydala, Attorneys
  • “When it comes to equipment repairs, operators should document what parts were repaired on which machines.” “Detailed maintenance records showing no prior complaints about the equipment in question goes a long way in the defense of some claims.” - Christina LaMarca - Associate attorney with Kaufman Borgeest & Ryan, New York

Excerpts from Club Industry report, Limit Fitness Facility Liabilities.
Available from Club Industry here.

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