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"FitnessEMS has changed the way we operate as a business for the better. We currently use the platform to not only track and maintain our equipment, but all of our facility assets as well. I really like the email notifications when new work orders and communication updates are created. It keeps me up to date whether I am on the road or in the office. The most valuable function of the system for my role is the ability to see the status of every asset from multiple locations with one click of a button. Within minutes I know exactly what issues need to be addressed and I can focus on getting those problems solved for the clubs. It also helps with holding everyone accountable for keeping things up and running at all times. Using the platform lets us get back to doing what we do best; helping people change their lives. FitnessEMS is truly an asset."
- Jon Brick (Vice President of Operations, Brick Bodies Health and Fitness Services.

"The fitnessEMS system is a no brainer for Gym owners. I am extremely sensitive to the upkeep of our gyms, and FitnessEMS plays an integral part in maintaining all of our gyms. We all check the dashboard every day, which gives us a snal shot of all the equipment that needs repair. Service providers and people in leadership positions get emails when a piece goes down, changes statueses, and is fixed. The history portion has already paid dividends for us. We no longer continue to throw good money at bad equipment. For me, there is no better money spend. Unbelievable product, with impeccable customer support on all ends." 
- Michael S. Krongaard - Gold's Gym Virginia

"I am the service manager for seven Planet Fitness locations. Before we found FitnessEMS my job was impossible. With FitnessEMS I can see the status of every open job on one page. With the email feature I know about breakdowns as soon as they are reported. It has streamlined the communication between the club and the tech. Also having all the serial and model numbers in the database saves me all those extra trips back to the club. I also find the repair history a very handy tool. I feel we could not have made a better choice when it comes to an equipment management system.
- Ike Strawbridge - Service Manager, Planet Fitness

"Urban Body Fitness uses the system now. SOOO much better than our old paper tracking system! We just log on and check the status of the repair request, put new ones in.... We don't have "lost" requests now... Unless we forget to put them in of course!"
- Urban Body Fitness

"Our association has nine facitlities with over a thousand pieces of equipment. The FitnessEMS system has allowed us to stream line the work order process and greatly decrease our downtimes. It's easy to use and work orders can be seen by all on the dashboard so there's no duplication of issues in the system and the mangers are notified when the orders are assigned as well as when it's completed. They can also see what costs were incurred on the repairs or when other maintenance has been scheduled. It really helps us keep on top of our facitilty issues as our association has grown. We higly recommend it."
- James Scott - Operations Coordinator, The Family Y of Greater Augusta

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Whether you own/manage one club or 50+, you can manage all your equipment and other assets from one convenient dashboard. Works with all equipment type and manufacturers.


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