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The FitnessEMS equipment and asset management system provides solutions for everyday problems associated with health club equipment management and maintenance. By combining these aspects - software as a service, incremental training, ongoing support and the FitnessEMS equipment label kit - we provide an affordable turn-key product that empowers your entire organization from the front desk staff to the CEO.

Problems Solved:

Managing locations individually is inefficient and incomplete.

Solution: The FitnessEMS central dashboard allows you to manage your individual location, region or entire organization.

All parties involved in equipment repair and maintenance need tailored information.

Solution: FitnessEMS custom level logins are available for separate users.

Most facilities lack records that will save time in the future.

Solution: The FitnessEMS work order allows you to create unique and individual records for any and every repair which can be easily referenced at future dates for diagnosis, activity logs and parts use.

Lack of Preventative Maintenance records increases liability while decreasing technician control.

Solution: The FitnessEMS step by step approach and PDF reporting insures that maintenance is done correctly and comprehensively while reducing exposure to liability.

Technicians and service providers are notoriously difficult to track.

Solution: The FitnessEMS scheduler schedules and monitors internal technicians as well as 3rd party service providers.

There is no supporting documentation available for the repairs needed.

Solution: FitnessEMS work orders accept attachments such as files, pictures, exploded views, etc.

Not understanding cost of ownership costs you when it comes to future purchases.

Solution: FitnessEMS reporting racks parts costs and usage as well as maintenance costs and equipment downtime.

Members are constantly asking “When will that treadmill be fixed?”

Solution: The FitnessEMS dashboard monitors the evolution of the repair lifecycle and provides answers.

Management and staff have no platform to communicate and solve issues.

Solution: The FitnessEMS notification manager and internal messaging system help users stay connected.

If you can’t monitor the health of your entire organization’s assets in real time, you will react too late.

Solution: The FitnessEMS system is available in real time, any time from any Internet connected device.

Whether you own/manage one club or 50+, you can manage all your equipment and other assets from one convenient dashboard. Works with all equipment type and manufacturers.


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