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to provide solutions for club owners, service providers and manufacturers by using a combination of latest technology, data intelligence, best practices, and proven business processes.

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The most pressing FITNESS equipment MANAGEMENT PROBLEMS
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Using experience to create solutions

The success of any Software as a Service (SaaS) organization closely parallels its ability to meet the needs of the customer on a consistent and continuing basis. FitnessEMS is an outstanding example of this.

Through our consistent efforts to develop a CMMS system specifically for the health and fitness industry, the company today holds a position of leadership in the field.

The FitnessEMS System is recognized as the leader of asset management in the health and fitness industry due to its origination from over 23 years experience in fitness equipment repair and maintenance. Expansion into asset management was a result of a long range planning and development program.

With a talented team with over 60 combined years of service experience, it is our intention to continually provide an innovative product using a combination of latest technology, data intelligence, best practices, and proven business processes.

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Tom Strickland

Tom provides the strategic vision and direction for FitnessEMS. With 23 years’
experience on the maintenance repair side of the Fitness industry his relationships with manufacturers, hundreds of club owners and technicians across the country, give
him unique insight to the challenges facing health clubs.

Tom’s background is anchored by a degree in electronics focusing on electro mechanical which drew him to fitness equipment.

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Tony Pinkerton

Tony is the product manager and manages the development and support teams. He is responsible for individual system architecture being the last line of testing prior to a live release. Tony has a computer engineering degree from Southern Polytechnic State (now Kennesaw State University).

Tony is committed to excellence and the pursuant to standardize the fitness industry with FitnessEMS.

COO – Technical Development
Chief Revenue Office
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Russ Hosea

Responsible for sales, marketing and customer support Russ has created a holistic system to create satisfied customers from start through ongoing support. With oversight to integrate these departments there is no sell them and leave them at FitnessEMS. Russ is a PMP project manager and has an MBA from Georgia College and State University.

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