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FitnessEMS CMMS system provides solutions for everyday problems associated with health club management and maintenance.

Any health club operation will benefit from our 23 years managing a successful equipment repair and maintenance company for hundreds of health clubs and turning this knowledge into a highly configurable software as a service.

Below you will find an overview of what we help solve.

15+ Fitness equipment & Asset management Problems solved

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Poor communication regarding equipment issue will result in confusing everyone with a stake in proper club operation from front desk to members and everyone in between.


#Solution 01:

FitnessEMS streamlines and simplifies communication by providing a place, process and vocabulary to get issues reported and repaired faster.


Problem 02:

Slow repairs

Slow repairs often result from slow diagnostics which is the result of technicians needing to be physically on location before beginning the repair process.

#Solution 02:

FitnessEMS functionality allows techs to understand problems and order parts without that time consuming first trip to diagnose an issue.

Problem 03:

No Accountability

Without accountability repairs take longer and cost more.


#Solution 03:

FitnessEMS focuses each user on their job in the repair and maintenance process, streamlining the process and uncovering poor performers.

Problem 04:

Arrant Parts orders

Ordering unneeded parts or ordering parts already on hand cost money.


#Solution 04:

FitnessEMS provides insight to inventory and previously ordered parts required to repair equipment based on complaints.

Problem 05:

Uninformed floor staff

Staff that can't easily report a problem or share insight to a problem reflects that the organization doesn't care.


#Solution 05:

We train your staff on a host of equipment related vocabulary and how to share resolutions with members.

Problem 06:

Poor purchasing decisions

With no understanding what each piece of equipment cost to operate and maintain, there is no basis for solid equipment purchasing decisions.


#Solution 06:

FitnessEMS provides Total Cost of Ownership reporting individually or categories and equipment groups.

Problem 07:

No organizational insight

Regional leaders with no real time insight to day to day problems at locations can.t have a good understanding of location operators, until they visit locations.


#Solution 07:

FitnessEMS provides strong insight into what's going on at all your locations on one easy to understand dashboard.

Problem 08:

Poor technicians

Poor technician performance is costly and can be dangerous to your members and bottom line.


#Solution 08:

FitnessEMS builds in rigid processes based on your needs keeping technicians in check every step of the way.

Problem 09:

Waiting for parts

Technicians often wait until they are in a position to batch repairs before ordering parts.


#Solution 09:

With FitnessEMS techs can easily understand what parts are needed and they can order through hyperlinks onsite in real time.

Problem 10:

No repair history

No easily accessible repair history can delay every repair and cause a host of other problems.


#Solution 10:

With FitnessEMS every technician can see what he/she did to repair a particular complaint and see how others repaired complaints they are dealing with.

Problem 11:

No unit identification

Second row, third from the left is a very ambiguous description of a unit in need of repair.


#Solution 11:

FitnessEMS uses easy to identify labeling and easy to choose corresponding numbers in the system.

Problem 12:

Improper Maintenance

What is improper maintenance? Anything outside of recommended maintenance in the manufacturers’ handbook. This is the quickest way to a gross liability claim.


#Solution 12:

FitnessEMS allows you to build in Manufacturer specific checklists for any group of equipment and easy access records when needed in slip and fall cases.

Problem 13:

No system

Every club operation should have some system in place for equipment repair and maintenance.


#Solution 13:

FitnesEMS was created by the best fitness industry technicians with help from hundreds of successful club operators. The FitnessEMS DNA consists of over 25 years in the fitness equipment repair and maintenance.

Problem 14:

Liability risks

Lack of Preventative Maintenance records increases liability while decreasing technician control.


#Solution 13:

The FitnessEMS step by step approach and reporting insures that maintenance is done correctly and comprehensively, thus reducing exposure to liability.


Problem 15:

Yup, There is even more...

FitnessEMS solves all of this and more. Request a demo to check it out.

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Reduce liability

Operating a fitness facility comes with many challenges, including determining how to keep your assets safe from the many legal challenges that you may face.

These excerpts are from a report published by Club Industry Magazine.

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Clubs should document all maintenance of the equipment so that if a failure occurs, they are in a position to tender any claim to the manufacturer.

Brian Heermance
Attorney, Morrison Mahoney LLP.

Operators should train staff to report equipment that needs maintenance so that repairs are done quickly. If it is proven that equipment broke due to improper maintenance by the club operator, then 100% of the liability is the club’s.

James Mass
Attorney, Golden, Co.

The most common claims that health clubs face involve physical injuries of a club member. Having a system in place to monitor for and prevent the most common issues may help a facility prevent as well as limit the liability of such claims.

Rocco P. Matra, Cristina Lamarca, and Betsy Baydala

When it comes to equipment repairs, operators should document what parts were repaired on which machines.” “Detailed maintenance records showing no prior complaints about the equipment in question goes a long way in the defense of some claims.

Christina LaMarca
Associate attorney with Kaufman Borgeest & Ryan, New York

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