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Help us keep equipment operating properly.

Please report any equipment issues to the staff referencing the label number.

Part of our philosophy that makes FitnessEMS so successful is to maintain accurate and up to date information about your equipment. This starts by numbering, labeling and cataloging each piece into FitnessEMS.

The included kit comes with 250 labels, 3 visual aid placards to help your members understand how to report issues and detailed labeling instructions outlining best industry practices to label your equipment effectively. 

The system can utilize any number system you use. Your setup includes a custom label kit designed specifically for your needs. 

If you need additional labels they can be ordered below.

FitnessEMS Labels

All labels are custom printed with your logo
Compatible with standard numbers or alpha-numeric
Labels are mat silver with easy to read black graphics
Labels are laminated and wont rub off
Extra strength adhesive so labels won't peel
Order additional kits today

They are super helpfull

Hi visibility placards are made of rigid material and can be hung on a wall or set on a counter. Help your member help you!!

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Additional label kits start with the number 1 and will increase sequentially. If you need different numbers please email us your requests here then place your order below.

Order 50 extra labels for $30:
Best value: 250 extra labels for $69:
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